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Who are we?


Orange Investment Company Limited strives to achieve commercially sustainable development in all its fields of expertise. We use agronomic machine learning, remote sensing, Motivated by a passion for empowering the people of Uganda and coupled with a pioneering spirit for introducing new technologies and knowledge, Our first product is a customized package of seed and fertilizer, farming advice to farmers in Uganda.

Why choose us?

  • Delivery Time

    In times of tight supply you will have first opportunity at our inventory. We believe that quality service goes beyond just delivering the package. We can quickly access any of your orders to verify the status.

  • Smart Technology

    Rice is stored in high quality godowns which are designed for the necessary fumigation aeration and sampling. The fully equipped laboratory contains a mini mill,

  • 24/7 Support

    We believe our core values of integrity, client satisfaction, innovation and intellect differentiate us from our competitors. Our focus on developing and maintaining a measurable client satisfaction

We are therefore committed to maximizing the economic and social benefits of our business activities – for example through our policy for farmers – and minimizing the environmental effects wherever we can.

Orange Investment Company Limited has established a true Business Model that has focused to global customer demand. We have a customer service department dedicated to provide complete information, services and support to each customer’s query

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