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We groom & grow quality seedlings that are pest & drought resistant and yield highly. Nursing work is a delicate practice that requires a trained hand and a controlled environment. By specializing in the germination of vegetable and forestry seed, Orange Investment Company Limited's greenhouse employees have acquired the skills to produce hearty seedlings that save farmers time and money.


We provide professional advice from our team of experts on how to start & maintain a farm. We deliver turn key projects, starting with consultation, feasibility study ,business plan, supply, installation, training to execution, quantification of project needs and commissioning of project. We have vast accumulated experience and knowledge that enables us to proudly provide small to large scale solutions in agribusiness.

  •   Green houses
  •   Nurseries
  •   Net houses
  •   Tunnels and open field project


We offer professional total farm management services for busy individuals or those abroad. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff works efficiently and at affordable rates to help you maximize your farms production. We can devise a strategy to improve the profitability of any field, and will offer the hands-on advice needed to implement a successful farming strategy. Our experts can be deployed to run your farm operations on contract.


With Orange Investment Company Limited drip irrigation system, you can watch your harvest multiply up to 16 times! We offer a modern selection of sustainable easy to use and affordable irrigation solutions to fit the needs of small scale to large scale farmer. We will install any of our irrigation products on your farm, regardless of where in Uganda it is located. Your system will also include training and extension services provided by our skilled Orange Investment Company Limited.

Orange Investment Company Limited offers Farmer’s Kit to small-scale farmers seeking to irrigate either a quarter of an acre, or a full acre of land. This low-cost option will operate without electricity by using gravity to provide regular hydration to the roots of your crops. With this system, your plants will grow larger and can be planted more densely, yielding a more fruitful harvest each season.

Why Choose Us

In times of tight supply you will have first opportunity at our inventory. We believe that quality service goes beyond just delivering the package. We can quickly access any of your orders to verify the status.


Rice is stored in high quality godowns which are designed for the necessary fumigation aeration and sampling. The fully equipped laboratory contains a mini mill.


We believe our core values of integrity, client satisfaction, innovation and intellect differentiate us from our competitors. Our focus on developing and maintaining a measurable client satisfaction